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Starfish & Butler, part 7 (episode 1)

Hah, the explanatory part of this first episode of Starfish & Butler! (For the update to have the maximum impact, one should really reread the first 6 parts - or rather: I should have presented them one after the other at shorter intervals). It implies that we are closing in on the end of this episode. And this is actually the case; there is just one more part in store for us, where we'll wrap things up, and then our suffering will be to an end.

By the way: there is a full color version of this update, which I may put up some time later. I simply spent too much time coloring, to shelf it just like that.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Starfish & Butler. I don't want to give them their own page only to be put on hiatus not long after, as effectively happened to Zoovilization due to time circumstances thingies. Then again, I intent not to leave it at just one episode for our new friends. Although, to be sure, future episodes won't consist of so many parts. I know so, because quite a few of them I've already written. Some even exist in advanced stage of inking.
That is part of the reason why each update took some time. And it is also the reason why I want to keep future episodes shorter: I simply can't stop myself coming up with new stories that I really also want to tell at the same time. Such is the marvel of starting up a new series.


I'm having a hard time typing this, by the way. It is because, not long ago, I heard a tiny scream, upon which something flashed into view from the upper corner of my right eye. Don't worry, I'm fine. But the imp making a slab-landing on my glasses wasn't.

If you have cat, then you know that sometimes - not often - they'll almost miss a ledge they're jumping to from some rooftop, by a beat. That's the sort of situation we're talking about here, with the imp. Including the frantically scraping with the feet, like cats do to get up on that ledge we were talking about earlier.

The imp was holding on for his dear life to the rim of my glasses, scratching the glass with his toenails and leaving a growing patch of condensation on the top, amidst sounds of huffing desperation. At the time, I was quite happy with the fact that he was ruining the vision through my glasses. You see, the imp was butt-naked. Now, however, it really bothers me, as it makes for really annoying reflections of the monitor's light, just in front of my right eye. Still, I guess I should be glad I wasn't wearing my contact lenses at the time.

And the imp? Well, at some point he yelped, right before the patch of condensation was traced through with tiny fingers, making the smallest of high-pitched smear sounds. And then something bounced off my cheek onto the keyboard, where it floundered for a moment, before slipping off there too, and onto the ground.

...we have cats in the house…

But I'm sure he got away fine, the imp. At least I think I saw something slide under the door. And if I'm not mistaken, one of the cats just missed a swiftly disappearing leg, by a beat. That sometimes happens, you know. Not often.

And I'm not sure about the other cats.

The Dopperdude