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Something Personal About Nothing Personal

'Nothing Personal' as a cartoons series has come into existence because I like to draw, and I like telling stories. Cartˇˇns allow you to tell a story in the blink of an eye. In addition, it makes possible a huge productivity, which means you're working on a different story and a different drawing all the time. I like that variation.

That's one of the reason why, for instance, I haven't limited myself to a 3-panel continues series of one or more set cast members (like for example 'Calvin & Hobbes'; a series which, in my opinion, was very successful at it, I might add). I chose the "Farside concept" of Gary Larson: one panel, each time a different story, with the possibility of recurring themes or "guest-characters". It allows you to present jokes of a different nature and level under one heading - 'Nothing Personal', in my case.

Incidentally, The choice for this heading originates from the fact that it describes the pun of most cartoons perfectly, or exactly the opposite: specifically not, with respect to the personages which star in it. These are never real existing people, by the way. I find jokes in political or "editorial" cartoons too swiftly outdated to put much of my free time in producing them.

Furthermore, people always want to know where one finds his inspiration, as a cartoonist, how one gets his ideas.
...erm yeah...I'm not telling, of course! Yeah right, and steal my ideas, why don't you! While proclaiming with an insincere smile that it's 'nothing personal eh..!'

Really, it's very simple, how I get my ideas: I torture my inspiration till it confesses.

Have fun with the results!

~Roel Schuit~

(Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if I left you with any questions about Nothing Personal )