Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 6 (see further below for part 1 to 5)

I recently rediscovered that I had this website. I decided to update immediately. And so we find before us Part 6 of the ongoing first episode of Starfish & Butler.

Actually, sketches for part seven were finished before I ever started on this current part six, in a twisting turn of normal events. As was most of the inking....does this mean the next update will follow more swiftly too..?

Good question.

...Or is it..? Have you taken a look outside recently..? It's Summer. Come on people, let's stay a bit serious about things now, shall we, please!

Bad question, shame on you. Go built sandcastles on the beach! Go! Gogogo!

...I'mmm the Dopperdude, naked but for my swim trunks. As should you be.






Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 5 (see further below for part 1 to 4)

In the interest of continuity, all the announcements of the currently existing parts of Starfish & Butler's episode number one are presented in the order of latest on top (see further below for Part 4 down to 1, underneath the 'Cartoon Revamping' item).

This episode took me quite some time, of which the level of detail in the personages is witness. Actually, the level of detail is higher than we can see when we open the episode by clicking on it's announcement, as the announcement itself illustrates to some extend. It is sad that this level of detail is lost in the final presentation, but the medium demands it--unless you like scrolling huge amounts in you browser screen over a vast landscape of design. I don't.

Another reason for the delay was the event of a young warrior who came to our door. He was carrying a sword over his shoulder, and was wounded at the knees. We welcomed him in, nourished him, and offered him the overwhelming serenity of our guest room.

Soon he regained some of his strength, and started to move about a bit. He chopped fire wood, with his sword, which he sharpened beforehand in the able and absent-minded manner of someone who is so used to handling his tools that they almost seem a natural extension of his body.

Round the fireplace he told us his story. His garrison was stationed in the Mediterranean South, but he had arrived here from the Gallic West, and was originally from the Teutonic parts of the North-East. He had been places.

His story of making a detour to the West before arriving here at our doorstep, involved a woman, of course. It was a love story. But his main story was one of mêlée. He was in battle constantly, and thus could never stay long in one place, for skirmish was never far behind, wherever he went. And it was but here, in our home, that his battle wounds started to heal, as the calm harmony of our humble realm replenished his body and proverbial soul.

But his return to his encampment in the Southern lands was imminent. And as the day of departure drew near, so did a certain hint of fidget malcontent in his feelings. And then one morning he left, with his sword over his shoulder, and our good wishes in the air. And so ended this unusual encounter.

Last I heard of our young warrior, he discharged from his army unit, and headed off to the great far most Northern parts of a continent supposedly on the other end of the great oceans, where eternal tranquillity hear-tell reigns in a vast landscape, said untouched by time. To enjoy and capture life's beauty and brutality, instead of -- in some respects -- the other way around.

The Dopperdude




Cartoon Revamping!

I did some cartoon revamping: colour where before there was no colour, adjusting existing colours and panel style, and, well, generally knocking myself out with 'Before & After' sessions (the sepia version is not the before-version, by the way; it is just a bonus).

It is in Dutch, which shouldn't matter too much to non-Dutch speaking visitors, because the 'Before' versions can be checked in English somewhere here (this link takes you to the English Nothing Personal Page).

All but one, by the way. The fruit cartoon exists only in a Dutch version, since the joke leans heavily on a Dutch saying which does not exist in this form in the English language (there are actually more differences like that between the Nothing Personal archives on the English- and the--no longer updated--Dutch version of this site).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these cartoons as much as I did their production.

The next update will probably be a new part of Starfish & Butler's first episode--of which I relocated the first four parts here as well, allong with the recent short story update; you'll find it way down attached to it's origional post. It's getting kind of crowded here, actually!

The Dopperdude







Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 4

The saga of Starfish & Butler's first episode, called 'Death', continues: click on the announcement on the top of this page to see part 4.

As we're used to by now, the announcements for the parts that went before this one are still up as well, scroll down a bit for the first part of episode 1.

In part 4 we find that poor Starfish is not a happy starfish. But there just might be a way out of this..this utterly utterly dreadful situation..!

Notice how I emphazise 'situation' there. For no reason at all. That's because I'm getting a little tired here, and the inspirational juices for an absurd newspost are running a bit low...or so it seems..!


aaand it is actually really the case as well.

So I'm stepping away from the computer now, and I suggest you do the same. Verrry slowly, with your hands above your head. Don't make any sudden moves now!

You have the right to remain silent, and-so-do-I

The Dopperdude







Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 3

Above announcement of part 3 of Starfish & Butler's first episode called 'Death', click on it to see the entire piece.

Further down you'll find the announcements for part 1 and 2 as well, so as to make it easier on you to refresh your memory what went on before. Start two posts below this one if you want to read the episode in chronological order.

Part 3 takes us to a place where bright lights make us feel good, with a leading quality and accessy promises. Sort of like traffic lights, only you'll never hit a red one...or DO you..???

I guess we'll find out in part 4.

But for now: enjoy the current thingy, with all it's shiny thingies and overall pretty stuff, I hope you'll agree..! Let me know, don't be shy, it is always a pleasure to read reader e-mail!

Providing you webcomics,
The Dopperdude







Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 2

There you have it: part 2 of Starfish & Butler's first episode called 'Death'. The announcement for part 1 you'll find one post underneath, so as to make it easier on you to refresh your memory what part one was all about back then.

I am, by the way, thoroughly enjoying exploring the universe of what I call 'Naive Absurdism' -- present in some of my other work, but never with a whole series explicitly contributed to it. And, as a matter of fact, I have already developed several scenario's on our new friends Starfish & Butler's adventures, which are fresh like morning dew, and give you that pick-me-up like coffee does.

That's the corny part. But the reality is that these scripts are pressing to skip the half-a-year-or-more waiting line to go into full production, just like the first two parts of episode 1 did. Is how much I'm enjoying it.

That said, please don't forget I mentioned their appearance would be highly irregular ones, as just about everything running on this site. Yes, the old Time & Money thingy again.

And so I--is that the smell of hot chocolate..?!? Why it urgently is!

Mark me absent,
The Dopperdude







Starfish & Butler, Episode 1, Part 1

Does it say 'Episode 1' there? Yes it does. Of Starfish & Butler. An extremely irregular series I shall use to live it up with possibly near-kitsch coloring, unrestricted absurdism, and loose standards in any respect. And you will like it!

This first episode, called 'Death', consists of more than this page, by the way. What you're seeing here is Part I, with Part II waiting in the sidewings, and so on (this is to give the impression that I'm updating this site with at least some frequency). And they are both so amazingly profound and insightful, and generally über-fantastic, that your brain will actually collapse in on itself under the sheer weight of the unprecedented reading-experience you are about to undergo. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I must now go and perform other feats of equal grandness. Who wants pancakes!

Your hero,
The Dopperdude






Snow festivities

Extremely beautiful snowfall demanded my immediate attention. Part II of Bor & Stampy episode 32, Fairy Toons, has to wait. In the face of snow, everything has to wait.

I am the Dopperdude, bidding you farewell, equipped with a carrot, broom stick, and a silly hat. You do the math. (And the dishes too, please).




Environmental Energy Preservation Guide

The above illustration is one of three I prepared for a guide providing 50 tips on how to preserve energy (and money) in the household situation--an initiative by Dutch environmental organisation Stichting Natuur & Milieu. It will be distributed freely among some 10.000 households, as part of a project which shall also include a similar initiative on the internet.

Those of you who have read my former news posts: yes, these are the penguins I was talking about earlier.

The tip I prepared this one for, by the way, is to defrost your deep freeze from time to time, so you'll not be wasting money and energy on keeping huge chunks of ice deep frosted, next to the food you dump there.

Each individual tip may seem like not making too much of a difference. 50 of those tips add up nicely, though, saving you enough money to do something nice. Money that would otherwise be blown on unnecessary further overcharging the environment with really no purpose at all. Go figure.

The Dopperdude





This whole cartoon or parts of it should be a tatoo, but I can't imagine this joke hasn't already been made in some form somewhere, and I don't even know if it's a funny one.

All I know is, during the making of this cartoon, my hair gradually turned grey, and then a silvery white. It makes me look quite distinguished.

I'm wondering, it's been some 3 years since I last saw a music video: are they actually having sex in them now? And is it, erm, like doing "gymnastics" on a waterbed with an over-inflated inflatable mattrass in between?

Also, do people who have silicones implanted in their lips have to learn how to eat with a knife and fork again afterwards? Or perhaps they see it as a nice diet opportunity if their food bounces back when their fork meets silicone where once was nothing. And I wonder, what is it like if you're no longer able to put your lips together?

So many questions, and they all deserve their proper attention! So I guess they're now in debt to me.

I'mmm the Dopperdude, slightly detached, and mildly distracted by a mosquito the size of a small university faculty. (Aren't mosquito's supposed to have perished or something, by mid November?).

P.S.: The ban on Breast implants made of silicone in the US, is lifted ...there was a ban on them in the US?!




Working On Zoovilization Page 5

I don't look like a penguin. At all.

Then why did I choose a penguin to be my "medium", you ask..?

I've got a question for you: why do you keep pestering me with your silly silly questions?!

Initially, the penguin message was simply going to be in the form of an 'Etcetebla' anouncement. But then I decided to treat you, you know, what with all the waiting for Zoovilization page 5 and all. The message the penguin relays, is, of course, a reference to the Etcetebla I put under my last entree, which you will now find in the bulk section 'Extra'.

I was working on penguins, meanwhile, by the way. I'm done now. A thingy for somethingy I might put up latery maybe...maybe-y.

Also, the windows? It's true.

I'mmm the Dopperdude, a-working on a-Zoovilion page 5.
(...I'm such a lier..!)



It Ain't Over Till It's Over, Baby!

Even though I completely lack the time, I prepared another contribution for the nefarious Tekenbattle project.

It was Eviiil Erwin, one of the initiators, who tricked me into it this time. He kidnapped my not-available time by soft pressure of the meanest kind: he presented a fan art element in his own contribution...

Here it is:

Illustration Erwin Steenbergen

How cunning! How sly! How...cool..!

It must be the first piece of Bor & Stampy fan art-reference I've encountered, and I'm really pleased with it. So thank you Erwin! I like what you've done, adding the tiny wriggly arms and legs and all!

Speaking of Bor & Stampy, I know they've not been around much, lately. But rest assured, they're still alive. Time is the key factor here, again. You see, I've many a Bor & Stampy scenario waiting for me, but I can't devote my time to free drawing during the day, and all the artwork presented on this site is prepared in the evening hours and weekends. It is thus that I have an odd 6 months or so delay between writing & sketching scenario's, and finding the time to actually finish up the art work that goes along with it.

Also, part of the reason why we don't see much of Bor & Stampy these days is -- what with Zoovilization up and running -- the Zoovilization project gets green light over all other projects and series, most of the time. But the friendly little fellows deserve some attention SomeTimeSoon.

Back to Zoovilization now. I'm working on page 5 at the moment, and shall require some time still. I'm hoping on finishing it on Wednesday, when I'll have another window-of-opportunity to work on it. But I won't promise anything, since I haven't had much time to work on it yet, these past few days. Which has something to do with the pressing event of covering a hole in a wall. With bricks. And a window. Where once was a garage door.

You see, most people don't like holes in their house, and I'm no exception. I'm a Dopperdude, fool!

The Dopperdude





Heel Gewoon, Dood Gewoon

I stopped updating the Dutch version of The Dopperdude, and what do you know? The bigger part of the updates afterwards just happen to be full of Dutchness..!

Also, this is another announcement thingy, so no cartoons to be had just yet. An announcement for yet another project of the Dutch Internet Comic Community, as I shall conveniently call the membership forum of Dutch comic writers, makers, and animators:

You may remember I mentioned its previous product some time ago, Sprookjes In Strookjes (Fairy Toons): fairy tales made into comics. This time comic maker Menno Kooistra took the initiative, and proposed comic makers to contribute to a comic book with horror as its theme. Running title is 'Bloeddorst', which is Dutch for blood thirst. A translation of my own contribution would be something along the lines of: Simple, Dead Simple.

I really, really, don't want to give anything away about my own contribution just yet, so I'm afraid you'll have to do with the teaser image I put up above. Sorry 'bout that. Also, you'll have to wait till next year if you want to see the entire piece, as the release of Blood thirst is planned to coincide with the Amsterdam Fantasy Film Festival (...I know, I know, and I agree: horror is not necessarily fantasy, and fantasy is not necessarily horror, but apparently it's a horror festival anyway).

Even so, I think it'll be worth the wait, especially--but not even necessarily!--if you're into a good scare or horror shudder as entertainment from time to time. And for those of you who simply can't wait? Why, I-should-make-you-wait-even-longer, that'll teach you patience!
But instead I'll redirect you to a limited few sneak previews of some of the contributions. You're not my responsibility you know!

That's all for the mo--oh my god what's that behind your back?!!

I'mmm the Dopperdude, a-scaring your arse off.

(Pfff, so what if that was a lame joke!)


[edit March 2007:] After a 99% guaranty from the initiator of project 'Bloeddorst', that my contribution would be included in the resulting book, the 1% apparently kicked in. And so you won't find my piece in the book after all.

The good news is, I'm presenting it here, now, so you don't even have to pay to see it! :D

The piece itself I made to show that you don't necessarily need zombies, vampires, and other monsters to convey a story of horror none-the-less. Yes, a horror story can be...

Dead Simple...




This Is No Cartoon Either


Aaaaah, I did it again! I prepared another image for Tekenbattle instead of working on Hideous Eggs or Zoovilization! I could not resist the temptation, and thought I'd make it a quicky!

But nnno, it's never like that, it always takes longer than anticipated. Because once you start, you can't stop thinking about how cool this or that technical approach or idea would be to add to the drawing, and wham! There you go, another evening spent.

This image actually gave me an idea for a short spin-off story, which I shall try hard NOT to pursue, unless the storyline on Tekenbattle takes me there.

...Must ...Control ...Self ...gnnnnn..!

Also, where is that 'Extra's' button I was talking about earlier for stuff like this, and why can't a buy one in a convenient store? Aren't these buttons very convenient on a website? Don't they prevent messy situations like the one we're having now where we have to scroll endlessly on a homepage to view everything that's dumped there?

Yes, they do.

Speaking of convenience, it is starting to get a little annoying for my visitors to get three items in Dutch almost in a row, I'm sure. I must prepare translated versions.

Until that time: ooh, look, look at the pretty colours! Woo! Look how the thingy goes nicely with that other thing! And also how elements are placed in a certain fashion so as to form a composition! Look, look at how we're watching a two dimensional visual stimulus, which manages to elicit from our brain some sort of sense of 3D nevertheless!

This is what happened before: first the Devil was at the bottom of the stairs, now he's reaching the top of the stairs. ...wow...such story arch qualities, how subtle! Will the Devil use that key of the gates to heaven other than to summon a Transformer, or will he maybe use the transformer instead..! That remains to be seen, on Tekenbattle.

I'm the Dopperdude, with the triple D and the double P glistening in the sun.



(First contribution to Tekenbattle:)



This Is No Cartoon

I have been invited to partake in a project called Tekenbattle (tekenen=to draw). It is a project in which different artists continue a storyline that enfolds image after image, one artist reacting to the previous, each contributing one image at a time.

And yet again it's in Dutch (see further below below for more Dutchness -- man, I have to create some "extra's" button or something!). That's because the site I prepared this for is a Dutch site.

Consider it an in-between, before I'll find the time to continue either Hideous Eggs (see below), or to commence with Zoovilization. Or something else. Like vacation or something.

But this is just so much fun to do! I know so, because I have initiated a similar project myself in the previous century. The difference being that the project I spearheaded was drawn on paper. Wallpaper, to be accurate.

The medium of presentation in this current project, is Internet, with Blog technology. And there's a nasty little limitation in that: each image is restricted to 400 pixels in width, and the program automatically resizes images that go beyond that width. No biggy, you just stick to the limits and you're fine. Or so you think!

My image is 400 pixels in width, exactly. And yet, still, the image is being resized to a smaller width on the blog page, thus inducing loss of detail that may be vital to the understanding of the picture's blahblahblahblah. The angel wings are on fire. As are their hallows. They are not happy.

Also, I should have drawn the camera-left angel with his hands pressed together fingers outstretched, instead of folded. Now it seems like the poor bastard is about to vomit (which would sort of go with the story), or is desperately trying to prevent himself from bursting out in laughter. While, in reality, he is preying fervently to suppress his terror. In cartoon reality, that is.

Anyway, I'll be curious to see what the rest of the tekenbattle "crew" will make of it.

I'll finish with some solid advice: you know...stuff! And things! (Are you crazy?! I ain't your grandpa or your dad!).




Other stuff:




Hideous Eggs

This is what I'm working on at the moment, a short story of three pages called Hideous Eggs, it's...brr, hideous..! Actually, I'm working on three short stories simultaneously (my Zoovilization project for this summer not included, which is a long story, of course), and have just added a fourth scenario which I wrote yesterday, on the bench outside my house, which I placed there one year ago, with the exact intention of sitting there. You know?

All this is most unfortunate for you guys, because that means you'll have to wait a bit for the next pages of Hideous Eggs. And no use complaining either, cause I call the shots around here! Also, the weather is nice.

...I am, however, not insensitive to monetary incentives... Pay me! Money! Lots! And you'll have your precious pages in no time! But you know what: ...I don't think you have that kind of money! I think you only have the kind that you blow on things that you don't really need! Like food, and shelter! Man, you don't need all that shit! You need the comics!

My bench is in the sun now.

A firm goodbye nevertheless,

From your friend and Dopperdude.




(And then there was also still this, of course:)


Sprookjes In Strookjes

Sprookjes In Strookjes is an initiative of Dutch comic artist Margreet de Heer, who encouraged members of a membership-comic-forum to turn fairy tales into comics.

Forty-two more or less known Dutch comic artists participated in this project, and here's a sneak preview of some of the contributions. Right above this message, you can see the first page of my own 7-page contribution. Click on the image to see some more pages.

You'll have noticed it's in Dutch (or maybe you haven't, if you've never been in contact with that language). It's a Dutch project. That's why. For those of you who are not familiar with this language, Sprookjes In Strookjes (a title I coined, by the proud way) means something like 'Fairy Tales In Panels', although it doesn't quite have the same ring to it, missing the rhyme that's in the original title. (An adapted English version would rather be something like Fairy Toons, or something).

Sprookjes In Strookjes shall count some 120 pages, and shall be presented at the 'Stripdagen' in Haarlem (the Netherlands), a huge indoors-outdoors comic convention, spread out over Haarlem's inner city. Later on Sprookjes In Strookjes shall be available in the better comic bookshops.

This project also explains some of the recent absence of updates on the Dopperdude, although not all. ...Mind your own business.


The Dopperdude



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