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BY : "Warrior Traveler"

Vraiment sympa le texte, ca m'a fait très plaisir, je n'ai pas réussi à tout traduire, mais je vais m'appliquer à cette nouvelle mission...

Bonne journée !!!!!

et merci...

[red.: (super-)reaction of the Young Warrior himself (!) to the 'Etcetebla' text underneath part 5 of Starfish & Butler episode 1 -- filed in the Extra section after leaving the homepage]

BY : Maarten

Cool stuff, the Starfish and Butler new thing..!
Sort of out of your style, it seems. Very nice coloring, b.t.w.! It creates a good ambience.
I'm very curious to see where this cartoon will lead..


BY : Haze

Good joke about the penguins!

I allways let the deep freeze open, you know, to prevent global warming ...


BY : Erwin


dit is mijn eerste actie/reactie-commentaar...I must admit I like it.


BY : Wildjem77

geweldige cartoons!


BY : 

Lotus was here...


BY : Haze

Every week I am curious about the latest cartoon; they make me start the week laughing!



BY : Roger

Hey, thanks a lot! I was plesantly surprised you took to my suggestion! I am honored you even mentioned me in the text underneath the Stampy panel cartoon! Cheers man!


BY : Roger

Heehehehe! that was fecking funny, what Merk just wrote! How about turning that into a cartoon?

I'd laugh my arse off!



BY : Merk

Hi Bor & Stampy,

I am very sorry to have missed the beginning of your cult-status-internet-revolution-
taking-over-world-sepremacy, how could I not notice! Guess I was busy getting rid of many of your kind, after flushing down their outer layers ... Mentioning that, why don't you guys try to cooperate if people want to use the last piece of toiletpaper? And not trying to hold the last piece of paper for yourself or ripping it apart!

Emagine this: youre sitting on the toilet, exhausted of having bombed down another big-brown-bear-like-six-pounder, youre relieved and glad its over only to notice that the real struggle has just started ... The struggle for the last scraps of paper you desperately need; another war! Believe me, it takes the fun out of the achievement I mentioned earlier!

So if you really want people to like you and write you fanmail, I'd say: start with the little things first and LOOSE THE GRIP ON THE LAST PAPER!





Bor and Stampy for president! Yeah, Cult Status right now!


BY : Qup

Bor and Stampy really excel in turning my every day life -- ok, every week life -- into something greater, you know, more aspiring, than every day, err, week, life.

Keep up the good work!


BY : Une fan fidèle et dévouée.

Salut Bor et Stampy,

Je suis une fan française et je suis assidûment toutes vos aventures depuis le premier épisode, j'ai déjà vu le teaser du septième et je peux vous dire que je suis très impatiente de le découvrir dans son intégralité.

Je suis déçue et étonnée que vous n'ayez pas réussi à atteindre votre objectif mais ne baissez pas les bras les gars, je suis sûre que tôt ou tard, on finira par reconnaître votre valeur et surtout, n'oubliez pas: JE suis avec vous,

Une fan fidèle et dévouée.


PS: C'est un peu gênant mais je me demandais si je pourrais, d'une manière ou d'une autre avoir un autographe. Cela me ferait très plaisir et de la sorte, je pourrai dire lorsque vous brillerez au firmament: "J'étais là au début".


BY : bjorn berkmans

i love the cartoon of darth father whit the anwser machine


BY : Sh3Ll4C

Very nice jokes, very nicely drawn, love'em.


BY : Neon


Where is the latest cartoon! It's monday! I DEMAND a new cartoon!




---Roel responds:
Hi Neon, thanks for your message! You'll find the latest Weekly Cartoon on the Introduction page. True, true, it used to be on another page, but somehow the Home page just seemed a more logical place than the 'Roel Schuit' page... ;D

BY : Neon

Hi Roel (Rule?),

your cartoons are quite refreshing. Althought they seem familiar, I've never seen the likes before, which is rather excellent, I would say.

Keep 'm coming!


p.s. I liked the evil insect on top of his corn-cartoon


BY : Dave

Came across your brand new site, I like it, I like it alot. I think your cartoons are pretty funny. And I like your style.

Keep it up man!


BY : Gudde

Damn, I was blown away by your "Dark Side" cartoon. In fact: it made me speak English all of a sudden. Hope it wears of...


BY : Roel


Just a word from the Creator (;D) :
I'd really appreciate any input you might have with respect to my cartoons or the site on which I present them. So if you have anything to add, please feel free to do so.


Roel, January 2005