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Cartoonist Roel Schuit:

As a European Dutchman, I live in France, where I draw, write, and develop the art work of websites.

Originally, I am educated as a Social Psychologist, with an emphasis on Consultancy Skills. Afterwards, to my great amusement, I worked in higher education as a temporary Communications teacher for a while. And after several other temporary jobs in Recession-Netherlands at the time, I packed my toothbrush and clean underwear, and left for France.

Such a history stimulates taking different perspectives on things, I believe. I use it to my advantage in the creation of my cartoons, at least. Its results are partly presented on this website.

What is not presented on this website, is the art & design work I have produced for -amongst others- educational organisations focussed on preserving Nature. On Bonaire (Dutch Antilles), for example, there's still a Cartoon of several pages by my hand going round hither and thither, on the 'Lora': a little Amazon parrot you'll find only on Bonaire. One exemplar has already had a deadly encounter with it, I'm afraid.

Wait a minute...parrot...parrot...classical subject...I...I see an empty cartoon space, I...I must...

I'm sorry, I'll be going now,

Roel, December 2004